Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily Thought -- May 12, 2010

"Then the morning came when from out that last wagon floated the la-la of the newborn babe, and mother love made a shrine, and Father bowed in reverence before it. But the train must move on. So out into the dust and dirt the last wagon moved again, swaying and jolting, while Mother eased as best she could each pain-giving jolt so no harm might be done her, that she might be strong to feed the little one, bone of her bone, flesh of her flesh. Who will dare to say that angels did not cluster round and guard her and ease her rude bed, for she had given another choice spirit its mortal body that it might work out its God-given destiny?"

J. Reuben Clark Jr, "Classic Discourses from the General Authorities: To Them of the Last Wagon," New Era, July 1975, 10

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