Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daily Thought -- June 19, 2010

"Let us consider some of the attributes of our Lord, as found in the Book of Mormon, that show that Jesus is the Christ. Then let us confirm each of those attributes about Him with a brief quote from the Book of Mormon.

He is Alive: “The life of the world … a life which is endless” (Mosiah 16:9).

He is Constant: “The same yesterday, today, and forever” (2 Ne. 27:23).

He is the Creator: “He created all things, both in heaven and in earth” (Mosiah 4:9).

He is the Exemplar: He “set the example. … He said unto the children of men: Follow thou me” (2 Ne. 31:9, 10).

He is Generous: “He commandeth none that they shall not partake of his salvation” (2 Ne. 26:24).

He is Godly: He is God (see 2 Ne. 27:23).

He is Good: “All things which are good cometh of God” (Moro. 7:12).

He is Gracious: “He is full of grace” (2 Ne. 2:6).

He is the Healer: The “sick, and … afflicted with all manner of diseases … devils and unclean spirits … were healed by the power of the Lamb of God” (1 Ne. 11:31).

He is Holy: “O how great the holiness of our God!” (2 Ne. 9:20).

He is Humble: “He humbleth himself before the Father” (2 Ne. 31:7).

He is Joyful: “The Father hath given” Him a “fulness of joy” (3 Ne. 28:10).

He is our Judge: We “shall be brought to stand before the bar of God, to be judged of him” (Mosiah 16:10).

He is Just: “The judgments of God are always just” (Mosiah 29:12).

He is Kind: He has “loving kindness … towards the children of men” (1 Ne. 19:9).

He is the Lawgiver: He “gave the law” (3 Ne. 15:5).

He is the Liberator: “There is no other head whereby ye can be made free” (Mosiah 5:8).

He is the Light: “The light … of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened” (Mosiah 16:9).

He is Loving: “He loveth the world, even that he layeth down his own life” (2 Ne. 26:24).

He is the Mediator: “The great Mediator of all men” (2 Ne. 2:27).

He is Merciful: There is a “multitude of his tender mercies” (1 Ne. 8:8).

He is Mighty: “Mightier than all the earth” (1 Ne. 4:1).

He is Miraculous: A “God of miracles” (2 Ne. 27:23).

He is Obedient: Obedient unto the Father “in keeping his commandments” (2 Ne. 31:7).

He is Omnipotent: He has “all power, both in heaven and in earth” (Mosiah 4:9).

He is Omniscient: “The Lord knoweth all things from the beginning” (1 Ne. 9:6).

He is our Redeemer: “All mankind were in a lost and in a fallen state, and ever would be save they should rely on this Redeemer” (1 Ne. 10:6).

He is the Resurrection: He brought to pass “the resurrection of the dead, being the first that should rise” (2 Ne. 2:8).

He is Righteous: “His ways are righteousness forever” (2 Ne. 1:19).

He is the Ruler: He rules “in the heavens above and in the earth beneath” (2 Ne. 29:7).

He is our Savior: “There is none other name given under heaven save it be this Jesus Christ … whereby man can be saved” (2 Ne. 25:20).

He is Sinless: He “suffereth temptation, and yieldeth not to the temptation” (Mosiah 15:5).

He is Truthful: “A God of truth, and canst not lie” (Ether 3:12).

He is Wise: “He has all wisdom” (Mosiah 4:9)."

Ezra Taft Benson, “‘Come unto Christ’,” Ensign, Nov 1987, 83

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Sherrie said...

Thank you for this. It's always good to be reminded of our Savior's many attributes & his love for me. And thanks for helping me to start my busy day with a spiritual high.