Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daily Thought -- August 12, 2010

"Margaret [McNeil Ballard] was just ten when her family left Scotland and started for Utah. 'I was . . . somewhat of a venturesome spirit,' she wrote. . . . The journey held more than enough drama to suit her. From Liverpool to New York, she cooked for and took care of her seasick family. Later, all the McNeil children except Margaret caught the measles."Once, the McNeil wagon was delayed by runaway oxen, but Margaret was sent ahead to join the main part of the company with four-year-old James strapped to her back. That evening, she recorded, 'A kind lady helped me take my brother off my back and I sat up and held him on my lap.' In the morning, people in the company shared bacon and bread with her and James. . . .". . . Margaret was charged with caring for the family cow. Wakening early, she would hurry the cow ahead of the company so it could eat in the grassy places along the way. Then, as the company caught up with and passed her, she would hurry the cow along to catch up. 'Being alone much of the time,' she wrote, 'I had to get across the rivers the best I could. Our cow was a Jersey and had a long tail. When it was necessary to cross the rivers I would wind the end of the cow's tail around my hand and swim across . . . with the cow.' "

M. Russell Ballard, "Margaret McNeil Ballard's Legacy of Faith," Ensign, July 1989, 16, 18

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